SU Walls
Version: 2.0.0
Release Date: 2016-06-10
File size: 42,496 bytes
Md5: 2c64181073edc6d14b06bf555065bf7c
Crc32: 383909d8

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Wallpaper Changer

The SuperbWallpapers Wallpaper Changer is a windows executable program that changes your desktop wallpaper on set intervals.
The application downloads a random wallpaper from the website ( and sets it as your desktop wallpaper.
An internet connection is required for this.
This app is only one small 42kb file, run it as-is, no installation is needed.
Guaranteed Virus, AdWare & Spyware Free!


- Choose your interval between 10 minutes and 1 day
- Choose which categories to use
- Current wallpaper info
- Start with windows
- Change wallpaper on demand


Supported systems

Windows 10 - Tested & Working
Windows 8.1 - Untested
Windows 8 - Untested
Windows 7 - Untested
Windows Vista - Untested
Windows XP - Untested

System Requirements

- Windows Operating System (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista)
- Internet connection

Notes / Limitations

- If you have a limited internet connection, for example mobile / 3G internet, please note that this app uses bandwidth to periodically download the wallpapers from the website ( Additional service charges may occur.
- The program executable does not have a verified publisher. When executing the program, windows will prompt you whether to run it or not.
Windows 8 SmartScreen Filter may give you the same unverified publisher warning. Click on "More Info" on that dialog and the Run button will show.
If you enabled the Start with Windows option, upon starting Windows, this dialog will appear asking you whether you want to run it or not.
This does not mean that the program is a virus. Virus scan reports are included below.
- If you are using multiple monitors, this app will clone the background, not span it across your desktops. does not have and does not support multiple monitor desktop wallpapers.

Anti-Virus scan reports

Coming soon! If you have an anti-virus program installed and have scanned this file (superbwallpapers.exe) please submit your report. (Please include screenshots showing the file size and the virus scan report)

Bug Reports

Use the Contact form to submit bug reports


Coming soon!